These are our highly-rated English courses for children

STEP Live Junior - Grammar and Vocabulary
  • 10 LIVE Classes for Kids
  • For Classes 4 to 7
  • Focus on Speaking and Writing Skills
  • Fun Mnemonics and Engaging Content
  • Classes every Tuesday - 5 pm to 6 pm (IST)
  • Next batch begins on 31st August
STEP Coach Junior Plus
  • 10 One-on-One Video Coach Calls
  • For Kids in Classes 4 to 10
  • Speaking Assignments for Practice
  • Personalised Attention and Feedback
  • Focus on Speaking Skills
  • Certification from The Hindu Group
STEP Live Junior - NextGen Soft Skills
  • 10 LIVE Classes for Kids
  • For Classes 4 to 7
  • Focus on 21st Century Communication Skills
  • Public Speaking, Writing, Active Listening
  • Classes every Thursday - 5:00 pm to 06:00 pm
  • Next batch begins on 2nd Sept
Speak with Confidence - Junior
  • 8 one-hour live classes i.e., interactive sessions with a trainer and other children
  • 4 thirty-minute one-on-one calls i.e., video calls with a personalised trainer(as per your convenience)
  • 3 months validity
  • Prestigious certification from The Hindu Group

What parents say about our English Courses!


Mother of Madhavi, Grade 4

STEP Live Junior

My daughter is in the fourth grade and enrolling her in the live class was one of the best decisions that I made. This is the only class that she volunteers to attend and actively waits for. The instructor is very friendly, and each session is very informative. I find that my child is much more interested in learning English after attending this live class series.

Dr.Julie Chandra

Mother of Harishankar, Grade 5

STEP Live Junior

My son found the live class series very informative – especially the grammar component. He found the method of instruction very practical and engaging, very different from how they teach grammar at school. I feel that he has improved after attending the live series and that he tries to use some of concepts in day to day life.


Mother of Evan, Grade 4

STEP Coach Junior Plus

My son, a fourth grader is usually shy. However, he warmed up to the coach very quickly. The calls were very structured, and the assignment given was really tailored to my child’s needs. I did have to help him with some assignments but overall, I feel the assignments as well as the calls were very useful.


Arulmozhi’s father

STEP Coach Junior Plus

Sometimes the teachers in schools cannot give the child personalised attention. I feel STEP Coach was helpful because the coach here is an expert trainer and is fully focused on the child for the duration of the call. My daughter found these sessions, specially the roleplays very interesting. She is proactive in booking the calls and shows interest in doing assignments. I feel that the coach is also a good motivator. Overall, I am happy with the course.

This is what our young star Svasti Jaiswal (Class 3) had to say after finishing STEP Coach Junior Plus!