Speak with Confidence - Junior

Jump start your child's journey towards speaking confidently in English!

Through our series of live classes and personalised one-on-one calls, our expert trainers will help your child blossom into a confident speaker of English.

For children in classes 4 to 8. 

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  • 8 one-hour live classes
  • 4 thirty-minute one-on-one coach call
  • Prestigious certification from The Hindu Group
  • For ages 9 - 14
What will you learn?
  • Learn basic speaking skills like self-introduction, casual conversation
  • Learn advanced speaking skills like expressing opinions, persuading
  • Engage in many speaking activities like role-plays, discussions, and presentations
  • Have a personal trainer to correct language errors
  • Get personalised grammar and pronunciation lessons
  • Learn how to continue developing English language skills

What are LIVE classes?

The live class series aims to help your child develop their English for various day-today situations.

With STEP's LIVE Class, your child will be able to see the trainer LIVE, ask questions LIVE, and answer polls and chat LIVE, all from the comfort of your home! All you would need to do is login to your STEP account at the scheduled time, and we'll make sure you learn something new. If you miss a LIVE session, or if you just want to watch a lesson again, you can always catch the recorded session any number of times!

Your LIVE classes will begin on 16th May 2022 and will be conducted on Monday to Thursday, between 5 pm and 6 pm. The schedule/topics are as follows:

16th May Greetings, introduction, habits and routines
17th May Small talk and casual conversation
18th May Expressing likes and dislikes
19th MayExpressing opinions
23rd MayGiving reasons
24th May Persuasion
25th May Commonly mispronounced words
26th May How to continue developing communication skills

What are Coach calls?

An expert English Trainer will be assigned to your child as their very own English Coach! You will be able to book 4 one-on-one video sessions with our expert coaches, You can schedule coach calls at your convenience, and during each call, your child will do various activities such as role-play, discussions, speeches, and presentations. Your child will get personalised feedback for these speaking activities that will help them develop their English-speaking skills. In addition, a speaking assignment will follow each call, which will provide speaking practice and consolidate learning.

Call slots can be booked from Monday to Saturday, between 10.00 AM to 7.00 PM, and each 30-minute slot is filled on a first come, first served basis.

The assignments must be completed and uploaded on the dashboard before the next coach call can be booked.

  • Coach call 1: Introduction + Discussion
  • Coach call 2: Personalised grammar/pronunciation lesson + Roleplay
  • Coach call 3: Personalised grammar/pronunciation lesson + Discussion
  • Coach call 4: Personalised grammar/pronunciation lesson + Presentation

By the end of the course, your child will:

  • Speak more fluently and confidently in public
  • Make fewer errors while speaking
  • Have better pronunciation

Give your child the gift of confidence! Enrol today.