STEP Coach Unlimited

Unlimited* Coach Calls for 1 year, and much much more! Possibilities are endless with STEP Coach Unlimited.

*Unlimited Coach Calls are subject to only one condition; you can schedule only one call at a time, and you need to finish the task given to you during one Coach Call before you can schedule the next one.

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US$ 700
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  • Unlimited* Coach Calls
  • 2 Premium Online Courses
  • 2 LIVE Class Series
  • 1 Year Validity
  • Lifetime 70% Off On New Courses
  • Certification from The Hindu Group
What will you learn?
  • Regular interactions with your Coach will mean better Speaking and Writing skills
  • Unlimited possibilities, no restrictions on learning for 1 Year
  • Any aspect of English that you wish to learn, as your Coach will personalise your learning experience based on your needs
  • Various aspects of communicating in English, through three different mediums - One-on-One Coach Calls, LIVE Classes, and Online Video Lessons

What are Coach Calls?

An expert English Trainer will be assigned to you as your very own English Coach! You will be able to schedule Coach Calls at your convenience, and during each call, an aspect of English would be covered. The topics covered would be personalised to your background, requirements, and level of expertise. You would be expected to complete an assignment after each call, and the Coach will be giving you relevant feedback on the next call. 

Note: The duration of each Coach Call would be approximately 30 minutes. Call slots can be booked on Mondays to Saturdays, between 7:30 am and 7:30 pm (Gulf Standard Time), and each 30-minute slot is filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

How would the Online Courses be structured?

You would get access to two Online Courses, a 40-hour course called STEP Coach, and a 20-hour course called STEP for Working Professionals. These two courses will be accessible on Web and Android App, for 1 year from the date of purchase. You'll be able to access all modules any number of times without any restrictions. 

Salient features of the 40-hour General English Online Course, STEP Coach:

  • 300+ on-demand Video Lessons, 18 Practice Sets, 1 Certification Test
  • Speak Better - General Conversations, Pronunciation, Presentation Skills, Appropriate Phrases, etc.
  • Write Better - Tone and Audience, Purpose, Sketching/Structuring Arguments, Editing, Proofing, etc.
  • Read and Listen Better - Skimming, Scanning, Main/Supporting Ideas, Understanding Infographics, Listening Strategies
  • Grammar - Parts of Speech, Subject-Verb Agreement, Tenses, Modals, Conjunctions, Conditionals, etc.
  • Vocabulary - Emotions, Colloquialisms, Interests, Idioms, Slang, Social Situations, etc.
  • Practice - Practice Sets after each Lesson

Salient features of the 20-hour Online Course, STEP for Working Professionals:

  • Speak Better - Presentations, Meetings and Discussions, Appropriate Phrases for the Workplace
  • Write Better - Professional Emails, Informal Workplace Communication
  • Read and Listen Better - Reports, Emails, Understanding Context and Information in Meetings/Discussions
  • Grammar and Vocabulary - Intermediate-level Grammar and Vocabulary, with a focus on Workplace Communication
  • Practice - Practice Sets after each Lesson

What are LIVE Classes?

With STEP's LIVE Class, you would be able to see the trainer LIVE, ask questions LIVE, and participate in polls and chat LIVE, all from the comfort of your home! All you would need to do is ensure a stable internet connection, and login at the scheduled time on STEP, and we'll make sure you learn something new in the next one hour. If you miss a LIVE session, or if you just want to revisit a lesson, you can always see the recorded session, any number of times!

With Coach Unlimited, you get access to 2 series of LIVE Classes; our regular series, STEP LIVE (Grammar and Vocabulary) and a special series, STEP LIVE (Professional Emails).

STEP LIVE (Grammar and Vocabulary) would begin on 22nd May and will be conducted on 6 consecutive Wednesdays between 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm (Gulf Standard Time). The schedule/topics would be as follows:

22nd May Phrasal Verbs
29th May Subject-Verb Agreement
5th June Modals
12th June Reported Speech
19th June Learning through context
26th June Collocations

STEP LIVE (Professional Emails) would begin on 10th April and will be conducted on 6 consecutive Wednesdays between 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm (Gulf Standard Time). The schedule/topics would be as follows:

10th April Introduction and Best Practices
17th April Email Organisation and Structure
24th April Understanding Language and Tone
1st April Email Phrases for Workplace
8th May Emails for Different Purposes I
15th MayEmails for Different Purposes II