STEP Live Junior - Grammar and Vocabulary

LIVE Online English Classes for Children in Classes 4 to 7.

Features 10 LIVE Classes, 1 hour each (11 am to 12 pm IST), on all Weekdays. Focus on commonly mispronounced words, commonly misspelt words, paragraph writing, subject-verb agreement, etc. This course will help children improve their English, and reduce errors while they speak and write in English

Next Batch Begins: 22nd May 2024. Limited Batch Size. Hurry!

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  • Real-time Interaction with Trainer and Peers
  • Informative Polls and Live Chat
  • Covers Common Errors and Confusing Concepts
  • Focus on Speaking and Writing Skills
  • Fun Mnemonics and Engaging Content
What will you learn?
  • Homophones, Synonyms and Common Errors
  • Commonly Misspelt and Mispronounced Words
  • Idioms and Adjectives
  • Prepositions and Prefix/Suffix
  • Subject-Verb Agreement
  • Writing Paragraphs

What is the course structure?

The course is divided into 10 LIVE classes of one hour each, with each class covering one major topic. An English expert would be conducting the class, with the child being able to see the trainer LIVE through a computer/mobile phone, and would be able to chat and respond to polls LIVE. All you would need is a good WiFi connection, and preferably a computer to engage your child with engaging content created by The Hindu Group!

Key highlights of STEP Live Junior:


Focus on grammar (subject-verb agreement, nouns-adjectives), pronunciation, etc. would mean that your child would learn to improve on the way he/she speaks.


Content on Homophones, Idioms, Prepositions, Structuring Paragraphs would touch on various aspects of Writing, to help your child confidently communicate in English in the written form, preparing him/her for a great year ahead!


Fun mnemonics and dedicated sessions on mispronounced/misspelt words would mean that your child would not forget these core English concepts, preparing him/her for a great future!


Introduction to core grammar competencies, and appropriate vocabulary in various contexts, while encouraging your child to explore the beauty of the English language.


Practice tasks on various language components such as Speaking, Writing, Listening, Grammar, and Vocabulary to help your child make most of this short course

Who should buy this course?

This course is designed keeping in mind children in Classes 4 to 7. While some children in the lower grades might find a few concepts to be slightly advanced, and some in the higher grades might find a few concepts a bit easy, we have tried to keep the content at a level that's accessible to all children within these age groups. Also, we have added interesting mnemonics (techniques to remember concepts) and engaging examples to the sessions, which would also help the children in the higher grades to revisit these lessons with a fresh perspective.

What to expect from your child at the end of this course?

  • Greater curiosity in the various aspects of English!
  • The ability to express ideas better, in both spoken and written forms
  • Enhanced conversational skills
  • Better pronunciation and fluency
  • Improved grammar and vocabulary
  • Usage of appropriate idioms/phrases for different settings and situations

What is the schedule for the classes?

The LIVE classes would begin on 22nd May 2024 and will be conducted on all Weekdays between 11 am and 12 pm. These are the topics for each LIVE class.

22nd May Vocab Building 1: Synonyms
23rd May Grammar 1: Subject-Verb Agreement
24th May Vocab Building 2: Commonly Misspelt Words
27th MayGrammar 2: Prepositions
28th May Vocab Building 3: Prefix-Suffix
29th May Grammar 3: Nouns/Adjectives
30th May Vocab Building 4: Commonly Mispronounced Words
31st May Grammar 4: Homophones
3rd June Vocab Building 5: Idioms
4th June Paragraph Writing