Six weeks to better English communication through STEP LIVE, a real-time online classroom with a real teacher!

Next Live series starts from 8th February, 2023.

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  • 90-day access
  • Access on desktop and app
  • 6 Live Grammar and Vocabulary classes
  • 1 practice set
  • Online exercises
  • Live Polls
What will you learn?
  • 6 critical Grammar and Vocabulary topics
  • Pronunciation and Origin of Words
  • Tenses and their appropriate usage
  • Prefix-Suffix, and Adjectives

What are LIVE Classes?

With STEP's LIVE Class, you would be able to see the trainer LIVE, ask questions LIVE, and participate in polls and chat LIVE, all from the comfort of your home! All you would need to do is ensure a stable internet connection, and login at the scheduled time on STEP, and we'll make sure you learn something new in the next one hour. If you miss a LIVE session, or if you just want to revisit a lesson, you can always see the recorded session, any number of times!

STEP LIVE (Grammar and Vocabulary) would begin on 8th February, and will be conducted on 6 consecutive Wednesdays between 7 pm and 8 pm. 

8th Feb Commonly mispronounced words
15th Feb Root words
22nd Feb Present Perfect
1st Mar Prefix-Suffix
8th Mar Past Continuous
15th Mar Intensity of adjectives