STEP eLearn Plus

A complete English course that covers grammar, vocabulary, speaking, writing, and listening, plus 6 live classes.

STEP eLearn + STEP LIVE - Transform your English language skills with this intensive online learning program. Make your English communication clear and effective with warm-up exercises, practice sets, video lessons, and 6 Live grammar and vocabulary classes.

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  • 3-month access
  • Access on desktop and app
  • 300+ on-demand video lessons
  • 6 Live Grammar and Vocabulary classes
  • 18 practice sets
  • 1 Certification test
  • STEP Certificate
What will you learn?
  • Grammar - Nouns, adjectives, subject verb agreement, verbs, articles, pronouns, basic tenses,prepositions, phrasal verbs, conjunctions, modals, adverbs, and conditionals.
  • Reading & listening strategies - Skimming, scanning, main idea, supporting ideas, understanding infographics, listening strategies
  • Vocabulary - Emotions, colloquialisms, interests, idioms, personality, social situations, travel, slang, workplace
  • Writing - Tone and audience, purpose, sketching an argument, structuring an argument, editing, proofing

Who is this for?
This course is for people who have a basic knowledge of English and are looking to improve their English language skills.

How will you learn?

  • Each lesson contains videos, both tutor-based and from real-life situations.
  • There are exercises that will improve your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.
  • Practice sets are exercises that will focus on your areas of improvement.
  • 6 Live Grammar and Vocabulary classes.

What is the course structure?

  • The course is divided into 24 units, each with 10+ lessons and practice tests.

What are LIVE Classes?

With STEP's LIVE Class, you would be able to see the trainer LIVE, ask questions LIVE, and participate in polls and chat LIVE, all from the comfort of your home! All you would need to do is ensure a stable internet connection, and login at the scheduled time on STEP, and we'll make sure you learn something new in the next one hour. If you miss a LIVE session, or if you just want to revisit a lesson, you can always see the recorded session, any number of times!

STEP LIVE (Grammar and Vocabulary) would begin on 5th January and will be conducted on 6 consecutive Wednesdays between 7 pm and 8 pm. The schedule/topics would be as follows:

5th Jan Commonly mispronounced words
12th Jan Root words
19th Jan Present Perfect
2nd Feb Prefix-Suffix
9th Feb Past Continuous
15th Feb Intensity of adjectives

What will you gain from this course?

  • You will have a deeper knowledge of the English language as well as its practical application in the different facets of your life. You'll no longer be confused about tenses and other grammatical rules. Your strong foundation in grammar will reflect in the way you speak and write. Your reading and writing style will become sharper and you'll be able to apply the strategies you learned to make your communication simple, clear, and effective.
  • You will be required to complete a Certification Test that will make sure that you've gained a comprehensive understanding of the nuances of the English language.
  • You'll get an industry recognised STEP certificate that endorses your English language proficiency.