STEP for Competitive Exams

Your one-stop solution for English preparation for all Government and Competitive Exams!

STEP for Competitive Exams is a unique English language course which would help you ace your exams by building a good foundation in English. It is designed to help you prepare for UPSC (Prelims and Mains), SSC (CGL and CHSL) and other Government / Competitive exams.

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  • Content for all Government / Competitive Exams
  • 72 Modules spread across 6 Weeks
  • Focus on Objective, Written, and Interview Exams
  • Valid for 3 months
What will you learn?
  • Focus on Objective, Written, and Interview components of all exams
  • Reading Comprehension - How to quickly read and answer?
  • Parajumbles and Word Reordering - Tips to ace these
  • Idioms, Phrases, Antonyms/Synonyms with lots of practice
  • Precis and Essay Writing - For Written Exams
  • Grammar and continuous practice sets
  • Vocabulary Sets for Objective Exams
  • Standard Interview questions and how to answer those

For Objective Exams

  • Reading Comprehension - Best Practices and Lots of Practice Sets
  • Parajumbles and Word Reordering - Video Lessons followed by Practice
  • Idioms, Phrases, Antonyms/Synonyms
  • Fill in the Blanks (Cloze Test) - Lessons focusing on all aspects of such questions
  • Grammar - Active/Passive Voice, Direct/Reported Speech, etc. 
  • Vocabulary - Words in the Indian Constitution, Words for Exam Prep, etc. 

For Written Exams

  • Precis Writing - How to paraphrase and summarise? 
  • Essay Writing - How to write the ideal essay?
  • Advanced Grammar - Subject-Verb Agreement, Exercises for Active/Passive Voice and Direct/Reported Speech, etc.

For Interviews

  • How to answer the most common interview questions - 'Tell us about yourself', 'What are your strengths and weaknesses?', 'Why are you right for this role?', etc.
  • How to express opinions - Advantages/Disadvantages, Positives/Negatives, etc.
  • How to clearly speak - Highlighting significant points, Emphasising on relevant supporting details, etc.