STEP for Competitive Exams

  • Content for all Bank and Government Exams
  • 72 Modules spread across 6 Weeks
  • Focus on Objective, Written, and Interview Exams
  • Valid for 3 months

80 Lessons with 3 Months Validity

Coach Unlimited - 3 Months

  • Unlimited* Coach Calls
  • 3 Premium Online Courses
  • 2 LIVE Class Series
  • 3 Month Validity
  • Certification from The Hindu Group

131 Lessons with 3 Months Validity

What's in the course ?

Talk to our language experts at the touch of a dial

An expert English trainer will be assigned to you as your very own English Coach! You will be able to schedule Coach Calls at your convenience, and during each call, an aspect of English would be covered. The topics covered would be personalised to your background, requirements, and level of expertise. You would be expected to complete an assignment after each call, and the Coach will be giving you relevant feedback on the next call.

Note: The duration of each Coach Call would be approximately 30 minutes. Call slots can be booked on Mondays to Saturdays, between 10 am and 9 pm, and each 30-minute slot is filled on a first-come, first-served basis. The calls will be audio calls over the internet and you will be able to join a call at the scheduled time from your course dashboard.

2 Live Class series

Live Classes are live online sessions. These will take place once a week. An expert English trainer will teach you handpicked topics which are often the source of incorrect usage. You will be able to interact with the trainer, ask and answer questions through the chat feature and vote in the polls. You will also complete a practice exercise to ensure that you know how to use what you learnt.

Start date of the next Live Class: 2nd Aug 2023
Number of live classes this series: 6
STEP LIVE (Grammar and Vocabulary) would begin on 2nd Aug and will be conducted on 6 consecutive Wednesdays between 7 pm and 8 pm. . The schedule/topics would be as follows:

21st Feb Commonly mispronounced words
28th Feb Root words
6th Mar Present Perfect
13th Mar Prefix-Suffix
20th Mar Past Continuous
27th Mar Intensity of adjectives

STEP LIVE (Professional Emails) would begin on 13th September and will be conducted on 6 consecutive Wednesdays between 7 pm and 8 pm. The schedule/topics would be as follows:
10th January Introduction and Best Practices
17th January Email Organisation and Structure
24th January Understanding Language and Tone
31st January Email Phrases for Workplace
7th February Emails for Different Purposes I
14th FebruaryEmails for Different Purposes II

3 best-selling courses, 470 webisodes

The STEP online courses contain hundreds of webisodes, or video-based lessons. You will start each course by taking a warmup test that will show you your current STEP Level. After you complete the course, you will take a certification test that will show you the progress you have made in your English language skills.
You will have access to three of our premium best-selling courses:

STEP Coach

  • English communication skills for everyday needs
  • Series of video-based lessons followed by practice activity
  • Focus on Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Real-life scenarios
  • Practice tests at the end of each unit

STEP for Working Professionals

  • English communication skills for success in placements and at the workplace
  • Series of video-based lessons followed by practice activity
  • Focus on meeting skills, presentation skills, interview skills, along with English language communication skills
  • Common workplace situations
  • Practice tests at the end of each unit

STEP for Competitive Examinations

  • English skills needed for success in competitive exams
  • Series of video-based lessons followed by practice activity
  • Focus on reading comprehension, precis writing, Parajumbles, interview skills, idioms, grammar concepts
  • Practice tests at the end of each unit

66 targeted online video lessons for the Competitive Exam taker

Webisodes to cover commonly occurring question types in most competitive exams
Objective, Written and Spoken aspects covered in different units
Topics chosen with care to address general knowledge aspect too
Practise the skills you learn

What will you Learn in

With this course, you get a blockbuster deal with the benefits of multiple courses rolled into one. You get to talk to a trainer about your language related doubts while also attending live classes. But that’s not all – you also have THREE top-tier courses that will help you improve your language skills. Each one of these components covers a wide range of topics, along with tips and tricks that are specific to that topic so you are completely prepped to take a step forward in your career and your everyday communication.

This is a power-packed, 45-day marathon of a course with a strong dose of English Speaking communication lessons that you can learn in 3 ways – through coach calls, live classes and online lessons. These focused lessons are divided into 6 categories to meet all your speaking needs. Each category will have a variety of topics

This is a unique course that we created exclusively to help you prepare for the IELTS Speaking test. Through a combination of coach calls with specialists in IELTS prep and online lessons that address various aspects of the IELTS Speaking test, from the test format to the words and phrases you can use in the test, you will be fully equipped to take the next step in your study abroad journey.

This is a power-packed, 60-day bootcamp of a course with a power-packed dose of English Speaking communication lessons that you can learn in 3 ways – through coach calls, live classes and online lessons. These focused lessons are divided into 8 categories to meet all your speaking needs. Each category will have a variety of topics

An exclusive course – one of our bestsellers – created to meet your English needs for competitive examinations. We created this course after extensive research and identified the common question types in the objective and written aspects of a wide range of competitive exams. These online video lessons will help you ace the English component of these exams!

This is the ultimate course for the modern working professional. Whether you are a fresher looking to understand how to crack your placements process, or your are seasoned workplace pro who just wants to enhance your skills, this course has plenty for everyone! What you will be able to do with STEP for Working Professionals

Writing reports?

  • How many types of reports do you write every week?
  • Is there a format that you have to follow?
  • Are there specific words to use in specific reports?
  • What details should you include in the minutes of a meeting?
  • Take this course and improve these skills. ?
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Read with clarity

  • How to read to get information quickly?
  • How do you identify the writer's purpose?
  • Learn these strategies and more from this course.?
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Interact with ease

  • How do you introduce yourself?
  • How do you introduce others?
  • How do you talk about where you live, or give directions to a friend?
  • You will find your answers in this course.?
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Ace your interviews

  • Is your resume ready?
  • Did you get the call for an interview?
  • Are you attending your interview remotely?
  • How do you talk to a prospective employer?
  • You can learn all this and more in this course.?
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Negotiate skilfully

  • Make workplace negotiations a breeze with the language skills and tips and tricks you will learn in this course. ?
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Express your feelings

  • Do you feel happy?
  • Or do you feel sad?
  • Is there another word to use instead of 'very happy'?
  • Learn new words and phrases that you can use to talk about how you feel. ?
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Advance your Grammar

  • Are your sentences in the correct order?
  • Which tense should you use?
  • How should you use modals?
  • What are conditionals?
  • Watch the grammar webisodes to learn these concepts and a lot more. ?
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Express your opinions

  • Can you tell us what you really think about something?
  • Learn to express your opinions and talk to people who have different opinions with ease. ?
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Ace the Written exams

  • Precis writing giving you a headache?
  • Did you get your sentence structure right?
  • Check out this course and check your progress! ?
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Email writing made easy

  • How do you send a formal email?
  • Is there a structure you need to follow?
  • What is the protocol while sending an email to multiple people?
  • Can you send the same type of email to your manager and to your best friend?
  • How do you write a complaint email?
  • This course delves deep into each of these questions and many more. ?
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Improve your pronunciation

  • You can read the word and you know what it means, but are you saying it correctly?
  • Learn more about commonly mispronounced words and the right way of saying them. ?
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Talk about your preferences

  • Do you like this or that?
  • Is there something you want specifically?
  • This course has the words and phrases to help you talk about your preferences. ?
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Make masterful presentations

  • How do you make the perfect presentation?
  • How do you start?
  • Where do you add visuals?
  • How much text is too much text?
  • Worry not, we've got the answers for you in the presentation series.?
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Improve your listening skills

  • How do you show that you're listening carefully?
  • What are the benefits of active listening?
  • How to differentiate between fact and opinion?
  • You will find the answers to these questions and more in this course.?
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Get set for the objective part

  • How do you answer tricky Reading Comprehension questions?
  • How to get the parajumbles right?
  • How does sentence reordering work?
  • Are idioms easy as apple pie?
  • How do you learn new words?
  • Learn all this and more about the objective exams in this course. ?
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Sail through the Speaking component

  • How to talk about yourself?
  • Or your strengths and weaknesses?
  • How do you answer questions about your background?
  • Get a close up look at the dos and don'ts of the interview round with this course.?
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Prep for your competitive exams with confidence

  • Reading comprehension passages giving you a headache?
  • How do you figure out the parajumbles and the sentence reordering?
  • Are idioms as easy as apple pie?
  • Learn this and more in this course. ?
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Students STEP

I learnt a lot from STEP … I like STEP … STEP is like a best friend to me … I started using words that were precise and apt for that situation. I look forward to the Coach sessions …


I have learnt a lot from this course. Many topics were covered in depth which I liked. The practice questions and the explanation after these questions were very helpful.


Personally, I did well, I would like to be really thankful for Seema mam and the STEP IELTS program. The phrases given through the webisodes are very relevant and it enabled me to maintain a good flow . With the one to one coach calls, my fluency developed to a large level. I felt quite confident with my words and sentences. As the questions were quite similar to the ones on the practice test , It was easy for me to answer them. As the class recordings were available and feedback was given on each call I was able to rectify my mistakes. Working on the feedback and practising accordingly is enough to attend the exam with good confidence.

Zeba Nilofer

I am preparing to go abroad and will be taking the IELTS test in December. The online course is easy to understand, and I am completely satisfied with the webisodes. The coach calls have been very helpful, and the feedback given by the coach helped boost my progress.


Now I feel confident while interacting with people in India and abroad. Overall it is a very good course for professionals in a working environment.


I spent about 2-3 hours every day on this course. After completing this course, I find it easy to read and understand articles. The writing lessons also helped me a lot. I like how there are step-by-step instructions in the videos.


The course "Speak with Confidence" by STEP has justified its title. The online lessons and the tasks given during Coach calls were so precise that I never needed any additional support other than the coaches. They were very supportive and kind. This course has helped me become a confident speaker. Now, I volunteer to give speeches. Speak with Confidence is a "boon" for learners like me who have communication problems.

Shripal M

As I got the recording of all the live class sessions, it was easier for me to stay updated with the course. Moreover, the method of explanation was good.
The lessons helped me to get rid of tense errors while speaking. In addition, I got a better understanding of the English grammar topics. The coaches helped me a lot in correcting my mistakes during Coach calls. Thank you for this course. It was worth my time.

S. Rama Gomathi