What is STEP Sprints?

STEP Sprints is your 21-days of commitment to improve your English. Each week’s sprint will focus on activities based on a specific theme and provide you with English knowledge that is easily understood and remembered. At the end of each day you will have to take part in a daily challenge which will help you progress in this learning sprint.

Why STEP Sprints?

Learning English is a grand goal. STEP Sprints is that first step you take towards it. It is a break up of that grand goal into every day short lessons. As you commit to 20 minutes a day, your brain adapts to learning the language. That’s just the beginning. You’ll be surprised by how much more becomes possible.

How does STEP Sprint work?

Over 21 days, you’ll get 3 modules of learning and one challenge to complete every day. Each lesson should take you approximately 5 minutes. These lessons are short and understood quickly as it is created in an Indian context.

  • Week 1: Vocabulary
  • Week 2: Grammar
  • Week 3: Daily conversations

It should take you about 20 minutes a day to complete STEP Sprints and you can do it from your phone or our website. You will be part of a closed Facebook group of STEP Sprinters where you will complete your challenges, interact with your fellow sprinters and give and get feedback too. The link to this closed group will be available along with your course material once you enrol.

Is this for me?

STEP Sprints is for you if:

What will you learn in 21 days?

  • 7 vocabulary themes
  • 7 grammar concepts
  • 7 ways to improve daily interactions
  • 21 challenges that will progressively improve your ability to communicate in English

How can you get started?

  • Sign up with STEP right away, find out your STEP score by taking our free test and enrol for STEP Sprints for only Rs 499.
  • Be sure to follow our Facebook page where we will be posting our announcements. Start using the #stepsprints for a chance to be featured and connect with other STEP Sprinters!

Terms and Conditions

  • STEP Sprints will begin on 21st May 2018. In case you enrol for STEP Sprints before 21st May, the course will begin only on the 21st May and will be open for 21 days only.
  • In case you enrol on or after 21st May, the course will be open for 21 days from the date of enrolment
  • STEP Sprints is an intensive 21 day learning programme and is effective only if you stick to the schedule. So we will not be in a position to extend this programme. All learners are requested to complete the course within the stipulated time.