STEP for Teaching Professionals is a comprehensive, personalized online English language training for teachers and instructors of all disciplines and levels. This course is designed to promote English across all subjects and grade levels, and help you, as an instructor, teach in English more effectively. It focuses on improving language for the classroom and teaching practices through practical classroom demonstrations for a holistic learning experience.


This course is for anybody in the teaching profession, teaching any subject.

The course overall contains approximately 20 hours of content. An average learner would spend nearly 3 hours a week. However the course is flexible and you can learn at your own pace.

Anytime, Anywhere.

  • Everyday language for the classroom like starting a class, setting up group work, clarifying doubts, motivating learners, or error correction
  • Important aspects of grammar, vocabulary, and language
  • Subtle aspects of language and tone in writing and speaking, using real-life contexts

The course contains various modules of teaching in practice and language builders spread over 6 weeks. An ideal week consists of 1 or 2 teaching in practice units and 1 language builder unit.

At the end of the course one will,

  • Feel confident and empowered in English
  • Master teaching and learning strategies
  • Get a course completion certificate

Comprehensive English courses for teaching professionals typically cost much more. We offer this to you at half the price at ₹2999.